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Born and raised on books, I've always known I wanted to spend my entire life immersed in them. But, you've probably guessed this much already. So - when I'm not obsessing over my next read - who am I? I'm a 20-something who is swiftly closing in on becoming a 30-something. I hail from Long Island but now make my home in Albany, NY where I recently moved for a job I love and a guy I'm pretty crazy about. Food is another one of my obsessions - I love to cook and to experiment with all of the ingredients I have in the kitchen. But don't ask me to bake. I can't do it. I also can't watch YouTube for more than five straight minutes, so don't try and make me. I don't like it.

Other things? Well let's see. As of late, I've begun volunteering at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society as a Cat Care Assistant. I work once a week, cleaning cages, sweeping floors, and washing dishes. I also, inevitably, fall in love with a new cat every week.

And lastly, I was a kid who thought she couldn't do anything and who grew up into an adult who realized the sky's the limit - which helps to explain why I go zip-lining or decide I want to climb wind turbines. Life is an adventure and I mean to explore it.

I graduated from Cortland University in 2006, where I studied Literature and Professional Writing. Shortly after graduating, I was hired as a Marketing Associate for a healthcare technology company, where I used my degree by "fannying about with the press releases" and preparing marketing collateral. From there, I spent a few months as a Technical Writer for Canon USA. I earned the pretty amazing honor of being referred to as Nicole-san by my Japanese co-workers for my skills with PowerPoint. Oh yeah.

In 2008, I began working with Barnes & Noble at their corporate offices as an Editorial Assistant for Sandy Creek, a proprietary children's imprint. We created gorgeous propriety product, exclusive to B&N, at low, low prices. Halfway through my stay with the company, Sandy Creek was moved under Sterling Publishing's Children's imprint. There, I was promoted to Assistant Editor, continuing to think out of the box by fitting more in the box.

And in 2011 I moved over to my current position as Associate Acquisitions Editor at Delmar, an imprint of Cengage Learning. Delmar is committed to publishing quality product for healthcare, technology, trades and career education. I am the editor responsible for the Aviation, Mechanical Technology, Process Technology, Renewable Energy and Welding lists.

Reader: I've been reading and evaluating YA manuscripts for a major US publisher since 2009. My work evaluating the market for Sandy Creek's proprietary product made this a great fit for me. It's also the reason that YA Literature has become a bit of a passion. If you are interested in having me read for your agency or publishing company, please send me an e-mail.

Editor: To date, I've edited four full YA manuscripts. Immortal Champions is available for both Kindle and nook. The final three novels I've edited are part of a young-adult boy adventure series.

For more information on my pricing, please send me an e-mail. In the body of the e-mail, please include the title (working or final), genre, number of pages, and number of words. Please DO NOT include an attachment. Any initial e-mails with an attachment will be regarded as spam and deleted.

For a more complete resume and recommendations, visit my LinkedIn profile.

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