Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beautiful Creatures - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl

Rating: 3 stars
Shelf: Now Reading

Review: Soon to the join the ranks of great paranormal teen romance novels - it's similarity to novels like 'Twilight' and the 'Wicked' (Witch, Curse...) series is why you'll like it. What sets it apart is its very 'Crucible' theme, as we watch Lena and Ethan struggle not only with the uncertainty of Lena's future, but with inequality as they discover that being a part of Lena's family means facing endless ridicule.

Purchase Now from Amazon: Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures, Book 1)


  1. Thanks for the great comments, and for reading! I'm so glad you liked it. & I happen to love the Crucible :)


  2. BTW posted your review at and also the link to this site. :)


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