Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Friends are SO COOL

I've mentioned, probably a million times before, that Marian Schembari is one of my favorite bloggers. So, while I was busy watching this video on my good friend's success and know-how in the comic book world - I was surprised to see Marian flash by on the screen. I was also equally surprised by how creepy and stalkerish I am that I immediately recognized this woman whom I've never met. But still, excitement.

So I e-mail the wonderful Illidge this: MARIAN SCHEMBARI WAS THERE??? (I mean, I followed that with praise...)

And he responded with the link to an interview he did with Schembari a couple months ago regarding his truly unique gossip blog, ExpoWeekly. Unique because all of the writers are fictional characters. It gives a fresh and exciting new twist to gossip blogging - and believe me. I follow my fair share of gossip blogs.

*** Update: Because I work in publishing and never have any clue what year it is - that interview with Schembari happened over a YEAR AGO. 4/29/10? Definitely only a couple of months ago.

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