Monday, October 29, 2012


I've fallen so far behind on my reading. I blame The Casual Vacancy. Because it's awful.


  1. I'm also chugging along with The Casual Vacancy. I've even started the new Dave Eggers just to take the edge off a bit. Casual Vacancy could afford to be 200 pages less. Are people afraid to edit JK Rowling because she created Harry Potter?

    1. Probably, unfortunately. What's irritating me beyond anything else is that all of her adult characters are caricatures. They're a bunch of Dursleys. Why write an "adult" novel, full of adults that no one can relate to? The only round character that I've met so far (and I'm not far because I don't want to read it) is Andrew - the teenager. There's no shame in writing teenagers well. Stick with what you're good at.

  2. Me too! I just started Cloud Atlas, which Andy recommended to me forever ago. It's the first read I think I will actually finish in...oh, this is sad. I'm not sure. Anyway, genius me! I've signed up to receive your posts by email, since I rarely get on the laptop anymore. I do EVERYTHING on my iphone. It is ridiculous.

    I miss you. I also miss books. But maybe I'm coming back around now. (get it? har har har), so I think my schedule is about to open way up. (No more tennis after 11/18! Until spring.)


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