Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A New Experience

If you hadn't already noticed - I've completely re-designed my blog in a way that I feel is incredibly more user-friendly.I just wanted to take a moment to bring you through some of the newest features -

Subscribe! I've made it a tad easier for users to subscribe. Of course, its every bloggers dream to have hundreds of subscribers. I can tell by following my blogger statistics that readers are out there. I've now made it easier to follow my posts using the RSS reader of your choice OR via e-mail. Then, of course, just below my Shelfari Shelf is the Google Friend Connect, if you prefer to follow my blog that way. Anyway you want it - so please consider subscribing!

Twitter Feeds - The feeds are located in two places along the sidebar, so feel free to scroll down and enjoy. First, you'll find my twitter feed - feel free to read and follow! The second feed, however, is the one I find most exciting. This feed follows the industry - publishing houses, authors, agents, and other bloggers - as they tweet about the things we all love best!

Labels - I've taken them out of the ugly cloud at the top of the page and placed them along the side. I've also cleaned them up CONSIDERABLY, so there are only a select handful instead of mess of 50 or 60 tags.

Top Navigation - If you don't feel like scrolling down to the labels, use the top navigation to get to where you want to go. Reading, Writing, Publishing, News, Bookstore. It's all pretty self explanatory.

And the feature that I'm most excited about - my Bookstore! I recently became an Amazon Affiliate, which means, yes, I make something like 40 cents or less every time someone purchases something from Amazon via my store. It's not much, will feed my book habit at the very least. I'm mostly excited because it gives you the opportunity to browse and shop a virtual bookstore, making this blog a reader's ultimate destination. In my mind anyway. Here's how it breaks down:

Reviewed Books - If you've found anything I've ever reviewed even remotely intriguing, you can either purchase using the unobtrusive link at the bottom of each post, or you can visit the Reviewed Books Store. It's where I've housed ALL of the books I've ever reviewed on this site.

All Top Ten Favorites - Every year, I post a list of the best books I read that year. This store has them all, including my Top Ten of all time and my number one favorite book from each year dating back to 2006, when I first started using Shelfari.

Books Sleuthed - Besides my reviews, my only other semi-regular feature is Book Sleuth where I feature books found and investigated via other book blogs, conversations with co-workers, or just a healthy jog around the bookstore. I've included all of these in one store. What's nice about this store is, you might find some obscure treasures just hidden away.

From Infants to Young Adults - The best way to find a gift for your kid, in my opinion. I read extensive amounts of YA and Teen fiction and have immersed myself in Children's Literature. In the past, because of my job, and now - just because I still love it so much. I promise to never add a book on here that I wouldn't read/ever want to read again.

I really hope you enjoy!

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  1. I like what you've got going on here! I'm considering a redesign myself.


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