Monday, April 2, 2012

Battle of the Kids Books - A Spectator's Commentary, The Finale

Comments: Surprise! Remember when I called this? Okay for Now is back in the game. And now... the final stand.

Review Excerpt from Okay for Now: "Enraptured by the art, Doug begins to draw himself out of a bad place...[he] learns, through art, to engage with life: it's a slow, dedcated commitment to embracing the pain as well as the joys."  
Review Excerpt from Life: An Exploded Diagram: "It's all rationing, resentment, religious mania, sexual repression. Luckily our guide, Clem Ackroyd, has an eye for the telling detail that renders everything bright like crystal." 
Review Excerpt from Between Shades of Gray: "Ruta Sepetys has passed the message on to us, sketching the incomprehensible in plain, clear lines. She shows us love, hope and tenderness flourishing in hell, and in doing so has created an unputdownable book." 
Comments: Well... all I'm going to say is... this didn't turn out at all like I thought. And even though I want to read all three of these book, I still think that Between Shades of Gray is the clear masterpiece. Okay, so I haven't read and I don't really know. But I KNOW! 

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