Thursday, August 30, 2012

30-Day Book Challenge - Day 30

Day 30 - Your Favorite Book of All Time

Here we are at the end - end of this challenge and nearing the end of summer. I tried to convince myself that I had something ... more... for this last question. My favorite book of all time should be Hemingway or Austen or Dumas or something like that. I mean - come on! I was an English major! But, I looked at my Top Ten on Shelfari and I looked at all of the favorites since then. And I thought - which of these do I know inside and out? Which will I never tire of? And, which would I read right now, without hesitation?

Harry Potter. All of them. My love for this series hasn't wavered since the start. I've read each book more times than I can count, and now that I own each book on audio - I've listened to them all several times as well. I know these books inside and out and yet - the magic of them never fades. 


  1. That really is the essence of Rowling's magic, isn't it? That she was able to create characters we've come to know as well as friends and family, and a world that we want to linger in a little longer. I've read and/or listened to the books dozens of times, and I certainly have my issues with the plot points and story arcs, and even underlying philosophy of the last three books, but I wouldn't trade my experience with HP for any other reading experience.

    1. Each time I listen/, I find I form a different opinion about the books. Something I think Rowling did particularly well, a moment from a later book alluded to in an earlier one, or even something that I DON'T think she did very well, words that are used too frequently (in one book, Hermione and Luna are constantly saying things "vaguely". In Pheonix, Harry and Neville do an awful lot of "roaring" - pet peeve!) Still, all of that just strengthens my connection to the book. There are all these layers - good and bad - that I continue to discover.


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