Thursday, February 25, 2010

Days Filled with Rabbit Hearts and Meows

It's always nice to have visitors. It's even better when it's a lovely literary lady who has a warm dinner ready on the table when you get home from work. The best when she's had glorious adventures through Scotland and England!

That helps, you know.

Oh! And! She figured out how to hook up my printer. So I can print! I can print!

I was reading her blog and wishing that I had some sort of weekly feature. She has her Things I Love Thursdays, which I think is so fancy. I want one! Except different. A different one. So what can I do? I'm a commuter - can I make that work for me? Train musings? Or a city life/country life - highlights of the week, including fun things I've read, crazy people I've seen on the streets, fun and fancy drinks with colleagues, how good it feels to come home to Long Island each and every day. I like that! Fridays.

And I should choose one other day to do an exercise with LitDrift's daily prompts. Monday or Wednesday.

Yay! I have a blog!

Chapter 1 (The House) - 3488
Chapter 2 (The Lot) - 2436

Haven't written much since last time. Chapter 2 still needs a bonfire. (Bonfire!) In which Paul shows Anabel the lot and Charlie might be there drinking and being awkward.

I'm going to go print Chapter 1. Because I can!

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