Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult

Rating: 2 stars
Shelf: Now Reading

I have never plowed through a book this fast just to get it over with. It was so incredibly dissappointing, from start to finish. The more I read, the more I disliked it. I'm not really sure why I even felt the need to finish, except to say that it's rare I don't finish a book.

I thought the writing was pretty awful. I see a lot of reviews defending Jodi's strong writing, but I don't see it. Her charactization skills are awful. If you are going to write a book in which each chapter showcases the thoughts and feelings of a different character, you better make damn well sure you know who each character is. Jesse, for example, would never use the word 'palatable'. I'm fairly certain, anyway. In my copy of the book the way the author differentiates each character is by giving each one a different font. Not only was this distracting, but it was a clear indication that she couldn't individualize these characters through her writing alone. I read this book with a friend and although she loves it, she said to me, "Sometimes I get confused about who is speaking." If this was written well (Like, say, Poisonwood Bible??), the reader would never be confused.

Then there is the oh so "shocking" horrible suprise twist ending! What the --- .... I can't. The "It's Raining." chapters were so artsy (see, attempt at artsy = annoying and pompous) I wanted to throw the book out the train I was reading it in.

I shed not one tear. And I wanted to. Because what a cool concept! I wish someone else had written this book. With a better ending.

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