Thursday, February 25, 2010

City Mouse, Country Mouse (meep)

Highlights from NYC
- D met me in the city on Tuesday after her long train ride from upstate NY. (Is it strange to admit that I miss it up there? The mountains, the air...!) She somehow won over the security guard in our lobby. Nigh impossible! He let her onto our floor without having her sign her life away. Or her kidney. Dude usually takes his job way too seriously.
- The bums of NYC made a frightening display that Tuesday, just for D I think. She was scared. I've never seen so much craziness in one hike to Penn Station.
- Someone decided it'd be a great idea to do construction on our floor in the middle of the day. The only way I could work through the drilling and the hammering was to blast the music on my iPod, but it made human interaction incredibly difficult.

Highlights from Home

- Came home on Wednesday evening to a lovely home cooked meal. Sure it had shrimp in it. Sure I'm allergic to that. Nothing that taking a Benadryl a half hour before ingesting said shrimp couldn't cure! And so I got to eat my favorite food ever for the first time in almost a year! Weee!
- Ate a late lunchSLASHearly dinner at my sister's restaurant and was treated like a princess by all of sister's lovely restaurant friends. It felt fun and important to say, "D, this is L. He's the chef."
- Shower is broken. Can't shower. Uh oh. I'll just be one of those dirty people, I guess. (Update: It's fixed and now better than before!)
- Friday Snow Day!!!

Reading List

I've been sleeping a lot on the train lately. so not a lot of reading done.

A.H.W.O.S.G. - Dave Eggers
From Eternity to Here - Sean Carroll

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Anyway. Was this any good?

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