Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Will Margaret Atwood Please Be My Girlfriend?

Margaret Atwood has three really awesome reasons one should choose to read paper books over e-books. To wrap up she says:
If you’ve saved up some paper books, you can read them by candlelight, and then toast marshmallows on them if you don’t like them. As you huddle around the embers of your carefully-guarded fire, with no television, no computer, and no phone, you’ll be glad you kept a few. Anyway, they make good insulation.
In other news, who makes the pink e-reader? Because I saw one on the train inside a little pink cover and it looked amazing! Color anything pink or red and I'll want to buy it. Now if only e-readers were geared towards my demographic. (If they were, they'd be cheaper. Way. Cheaper.) I'd own one so fast!

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