Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interesting Tweets from Bologna Book Fair 2010: Thursday, March 25th Edition

Thanks to all those who have been re-tweeting the link to my blog. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for my #BBF10 posts!

usbornemktg: - The wall where illustrators can pin up their work and contacts is looking pretty full at #BBF10 (These guys are serious about their twitpics and I'm seriously not complaining. LOVE it!)

wendy_mc: My last day at the fair. Must find/acquire a hit series about teen vampires/angels/mermaids/chupacabras. Pressure's on! #bbf10
benedictepage: At a busy and pretty optimistic Bologna Book Fair #bbf10 (Since I heard from various sources that the mood/karma on the first day was a bit off, I'm happy to hear now that things are looking good!)

jabberworks: Curious to know Bologna interest in graphic novels: @DFCLibrary series/RH, @goraina's Smile/Schol, @garenewing's RainbowOrchid/Egmont #bbf10
ginger_clark: I am totally right about this mermaid thing. #bbf10
MissCellany: Huzzah! 'No more vampire romances' @thebookseller at #bbf10 (Gosh, I hope so!)

BoxcarChildren: Bologna fair-goers: we've got free books here at the Albert Whitman, we mean BOOTH! Whatever! 26 B38! #bbf10
NadiaShireen: Nah, vampires are so last year... Now it's all about Wolves! 'Good Little Wolf', Random House UK. Have a great last day at the fair! #bbf10 (I like wolves. Especially after viewing that New Moon movie...)
wendy_mc: You guys would totally buy a book about a farting fish, right? Because I'm considering one. #bbf10 (Why not? We buy books about farting dogs. At least farting fish make bubbles.)

ThruTheBooth: Sarah Blake Johnson spots interesting titles and shows off the booths at #bbf10

ginger_clark: Ah! Good news about our zombie novel! A nice treat for the last few hours of the fair. #bbf10
wendy_mc: Today I learned that 1) in the UK they call sweatpants "trackybottoms" & 2) Germans love not just bunnies, but horses, too! #bbf10
ginger_clark: Today, I have uttered this sentence several times: "werewolves? fairies? zombies? vampires? ghosts? I also have clones and dragons." #bbf10

ginger_clark: To sum up what I have learned at #bbf10 : angels. dystopias. Zombies. I need to sell more direct to ANZ. It takes an hour to knead sfoglia.

usbornemktg: Doodling and dinners aside, that was a really good #BBF10. Particulary excited about plans for Angel coming together.

sarahlapolla: What to write, as per #bbf10 - Zombie mermaid in love w/ fallen angel whose sidekick is a farting fish. Set in a post-apocalyptic ocean. Go!
Girliegeek3152: @sarahlapolla #bbf10 *poot* angels can't swim, and the zombie mermaid will eat your brain, fly away . . . what zombie?
AudryT: RT@mitaliperkins "The printed book may (become) a relic. Yet reading has never been more important." -Scholastic #bbf10
AudryT: If anyone wants to see photos of Bologna, @maureenjohnson is sharing a few on her Twitter feed. #bbf10

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  1. Thanks for the link.
    I enjoyed the fair and was glad to share my experience as a guest blogger.


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