Friday, March 26, 2010

Interesting Tweets from Bologna Book Fair 2010: Thursday, March 26th Edition

I believe many of the more enthusiastic #BBF10 tweeters have left the fair already. Still, the fair keeps on through today. We'll see what we can glean from those stragglers:

missdaisyfrost: Big book at Bologna #bbf10. today is prequel (set 1 hr before the original book)and called 'The Hungry Caterpillar Goes For A Chinese'
sarahbjohnson: RT @ThruTheBooth: Sarah Blake Johnson spots interesting titles and shows off the booths at #bbf10

lainajanet: I don't really do #ff but there are a lot of excellent new bookish folk that I'm following from the #bbf10 tag. Hello new followees! (I've got a bunch too!)
lainajanet: @RhodesytheBear I know nothing about apps so shall be listening eagerly to your tweets! Hope the Walkerites had a good Bologna #bbf10 (Neither do I-no iPhone or iPad or iAnything - but I seriously suggest that those of you who do, check. it. out!)
benedictepage: HarperCollins bags the Book of the Fair #BBF10

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