Friday, March 26, 2010

What I'm Reading Weekly Round Up

In Blogs

Reading Rainbow, again? that would make me very happy!
Love! Everything to do with Meg Cabot
Jabberwocky, as read by Sir Christopher Lee I mean, please watch this!James Franco, Creative Writer I thought I wanted to read his stuff. Now, not so much.Teeny Carrie Bradshaw
Dear America My sister loved this series as a little girl. Can't wait to tell her it's back!James Randi comes Out of the Closet it's science news rather than publishing news, but the debate on whether or not James Randi's sexuality is relevant to his work (in the comments) is very interesting
Bologna Book Fair 2010
This year's BBF took place Tuesday, March 23rd - Friday, March 26th. Since technology is awesome, I was able to pretend I was in beautiful Bologna instead of dingy NYC (just kidding. NYC is awesome) by reading and collecting the most interesting/fun tweets of the week.
Tuesday, March 23
Wednesday, March 24
Thursday, March 25
Friday, March 26
BONUS: Read David Maybury's blog for some of his highlights!

Battle of the Kids Books - Round One/Round Two
Percy is out?! Massive SAD FACE action happening over here.

Round 1, Match 7 - The Storm in the Barn vs Sweethearts of Rhythm
Round 1, Match 8 - Tales from Outer Suburbia vs When You Reach Me

Round 2, Match 1 - Charles and Emma vs The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

Round 2, Match 2 - The Last Olympian vs The Lost Conspiracy

In Books

The Order of the Phoenix - J.K. Rowling
A.H.W.O.S.G. - Dave Eggers
From Eternity to Here - Sean Carroll

In the Pile
If you have any suggestions on what I should be reading next, please leave them in the comments!

The Eternal Ones - Kristen Miller
Raven - Tim Reiterman
Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas (a re-read)
Purge - Sarah Darer Littman
The Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King
Into the Land of the Unicorns - Bruce Coville
Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold

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