Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Interesting Tweets from Bologna Book Fair 2010: Wednesday, March 24th Edtion

You guys have been tearing it up twitter style today! Amazing! Makes me feel like I'm in Italy, with you. Think I'll take a little prosecco at my desk. (Just kidding, boss)

AudryT: Hurrah! RT @barrygoldblatt: Oh, have I mentioned that @kehealey's GUARDIAN OF THE DEAD comes out a week from today? #bbf10
jabberworks: And don't miss Morris the Mankiest Monster/Vern and Lettuce at the RH booth, Princess book at Scholastic and Titus Train book at OUP! #bbf10
NadiaShireen: Bologna-goers! Check out my book 'Good Little Wolf' at the RandomHouseUK stand & pick up a free copy of 'Wolf Weekly' from reception! #bbf10
rsutcliff: At Bologna book fair #bbf10 is anyone noticing Rosemary Sutcliff books given The Eagle of the Ninth film+recent US award?
jabberworks: RH booth for David Fickling's @DFCLibrary, amazing new series of graphic novels by Britain's finest, including @DaveShelton @autojoy #bbf10
wendy_mc: Did you know that THE BOXCAR CHILDREN never get jetlag? Stop by Albert Whitman at 26 B38 and snag a free Boxcar book! #bbf10
lainajanet: John Boyne AND Oliver Jeffers? This will be good: via @davidmaybury #bbf10 (Definitely check out David Maybury's blog!)

RhodesytheBear: Guess How Much I Love You? now live on the app store first 50 to RT inc # tags gets it free #ghmily #bbf10
jabberworks: Hurrah!!! DAVID ALMOND has won the Hans Christian Andersen medal (RT @candygourlay) #bbf10
ginger_clark: Here is what I love about the fair: getting editors' and scouts' unvarnished, off the record take on high profile titles. #bbf10
davidmaybury: Oh hello National Geographic editor, fancy a meeting? Oh, okay then :D #BBF10 (Be my friend, David Maybury?)
KeithMansfield: Bologna Bookfair. Visit Quercus (Pad. 25 Stand B/63) to vie for rights to my Johnny Mackintosh series. #HarryPotter meets #StarWars #bbf10 (I'm curious!)

usbornemktg: - Usborne loves to doodle at #BBF10
davidmaybury: Astrid Lindgren Award Goes to illustrator Kitty Crowther! (Sorry Dave Almond) #BBF10
wendy_mc: If you need a break from walking the fair, the best chairs are in Hall 30. These cushy modular things. They rule! #bbf10

usbornemktg: - When your Sales Director starts getting involved, it's definitely a trend. #BBF10 (I love these pictures!)

ginger_clark: We have now reached the point in our book fair where I am starting to lose my voice. #bbf10 (You still have at least a day and a half, ginger! Hang in there! And if they sell Alcholol in Italy, gargle with that.)
ginger_clark: Oh, hey--MERMAIDS. Possibly the next trend in YA fantasy. Could someone get on that asap for me? THANKS. #BBF10
ThruTheBooth: Sarah Blake Johnson blogs about Int. Book Awards and Dueling Illustrators at #bbf10
ginger_clark: What, precisely, do I need to do to stop authors from coming into the agents centre and bothering us with pitches? #bbf10
ginger_clark: What I love about Bologna: dinners where we list our favorite books of all time, and why we love rereading them, still. #bbf10
ZestBooks: - dutch party after a long day at #BBF10 yummmmmmm! (I want to go to there)

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