Friday, June 8, 2012

30-Day Book Challenge - Day 01

Even though I hate bandwagons, it somehow doesn't take much to get me to jump on one. I mean, if it has to do with anything to do with books and reading of course. A friend of mine has submitted herself to doing this challenge - answering 30 questions about her reading life/self - on her Tumblr. I like the questions and thought I'd carry it on over here - to be completed over 30 not-so-subsequent days.

Day 01 - Best Book You Read Last Year

Luckily, I keep this stuff well documented. The best book I read last year was Katherine Dunn's Geek Love

"But mostly, I just loved the characters and the language. The Binewskis, for all their troubles, are an incredibly close family who rely on their differences to keep them safe and keep them together. There were moments when Dunn painted such a beautiful, emotional - and normal - scene - especially those which depicted Olympia interacting lovingly with her siblings- I was moved practically to tears."
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1 comment:

  1. I loved Geek Love when I read it. Many year ago now, it was.

    I wanted to ask you to email me your physical address so that I can send you the Chabon book for the readalong in july. please stay tuned for the official linky sign-up and for the schedule!

    emily [at] odysseybks [dot] com


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