Friday, June 15, 2012

Save the Bookstores 2012

It's all about getting out there and supporting your favorite local bookstore. We're heading down to Westchester on the 16th for camping shenanigans - but that doesn't mean we can't stop at a store or two along the way! 

Here's just a few of my favorite independent bookstores: 

East Line Books - Clifton Park, NY
Market Block Books - Troy, NY
Flights of Fantasy - Albany, NY
Half Moon Books - Kingston, NY

If you're unsure where to find bookstores in your area, visit IndieBound. Using the site, I was able to find two bookstores that are on our route: 

The Book Cove - Pawling, NY

Get out there and save the bookstores! 


  1. Sounds like good times! I work at a bookstore, but I *always* seek out local bookstores when I travel. It's a great one-stop shop to get a feel for the community, I think. I know The Book House on your list, but not the others. If you're ever passing through Rhinebeck, Oblong Books is also a pleasant place.

    1. There weren't many near where I lived on Long Island - B&N dominates down there. But when I moved up to the Albany area, I was excited by all of the independents in the area.

      I do have a friend that lives in MA and I'm hoping to visit your store sometime!


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