Friday, April 23, 2010

Children's Book Week - Children's Book Drives

Children's Book Week is May 10 -16th, but this quote from PW's Events post inspired me to start celebrating early:

"In St. Louis, the CBC's partner is Onesto Trattoria, which will hold a week-long children's book drive."

Though I'm nowhere near St. Louis, I think donating books to children is a great way to celebrate Children's Book Week. Donating gently used (with love) books to local libraries, shelters, schools and youth centers is a great way to get involved. Here are some other organizations that accept donations:

International Alliance for the Advancement of Children
I've been donating boxes upon boxes of books for Haiti to this organization. A wonderful co-worker of mine traveled to Haiti just weeks after the earthquakes to help build a library for the families displaced by the tragedy.

Tuck's R.U.S.H. for Literacy donate money to help buy new books for children in need. 97% of your donation goes towards the All Stars Helping Kids charity of your choice.

Reach out and Read has a variety of ideas on how you can help spread literacy across the nation.

Reader to Reader donate books or money to help distribute books to libraries and schools in need.

The Lisa Libraries distributes NEW books to organizations that work with children in poor and under-served communities. My publishing house constantly donates our advance overstock to The Lisa Libraries - we know the books will get redistributed where they are needed most!

First Book donate money to buy brand new books for children in need.

Goddard Riverside Community Center donate money or donate books that Goddard sells at their annual Book Fair to raise additional funds for their various programs.

Please post other organizations and/or ideas in the comments!

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