Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gather 'round, For I Have News

That guy who decided to try and make me feel this big can SUCK IT!

(I will never again experiment with that many font sizes)

I got promoted! La, la, la, LA!

Details to follow once my boss sends out the actual announcement.

I wonder what would happen if I actually went over there and told him to suck it...

Also - 50 BILLION points if you can guess where my post title comes from.


  1. Hooray, congratulations!! Getting promoted in publishing in this climate? You must be doing something right!

    ...Sincerely, some sort of stalker.

  2. I clicked on your avatar somewhere. Can't remember. Because I like walrusi. And it brought me to this enchanted realm of Nicholas Sparks-abuse. I love it.

    How does I follow your blog? I can't find a follower-thingamabobby. Oh, nevermind. I see you have an email update option. I will get me over there and click that link with gusto.

    "Gather round, for I have news" comes from the movie "Cocktail." Obviously.

  3. Thanks for visiting and for wanting to follow me! I'm glad you are a fan of abusing Nicholas Sparks.

    You know - I'm always at a loss when it comes to following blogs on blogspot. Were you able to do it? If not - let me see if I can make it more prominent.

    Also - the quote isn't from Cocktail. =P.


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