Monday, March 19, 2012

Lump - Leena Luther

Rating: 4 stars

Definitely not your typical memoir - Lump is a series of monologues that can be read or performed. Either way, Leena Luther asks that the reader embrace the performance aspect of her work. I thought, at first, that this might be hard to do. But - and maybe having seen the Vagina Monologues about 4 dozen times helped - I found myself really getting into it, reading certain passages out loud, seriously feeling the spoken emotion behind each word.

Which was refreshing. And we're talking about breast cancer, here. Leena Luther approaches cancer in a very real way - sometimes with bitterness, sometimes full of humor, sometimes with fear or with sadness - and oftentimes with all of those emotions rolled into one. I found - even though I've experienced nothing like this in my life - that I was able to connect with Leena. That connection was created by her amazing ability to express her hopes, fears, insecurities, weirdness and strength on a human level.

Visit to learn more about her and the charities she supports.

Purchase Now from Amazon: Lump: 19 Monologues from a 27-Year-Old Breast Cancer Survivor


  1. I was eager to read your review of this book because it sounded so strange but moving. I think it's a book I would like to read, especially if Luther is as effective as you say at making cancer relatable. Borrow, please?


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