Monday, March 26, 2012

My First Playboy!

And I didn't get it for the naked chicks! (Which I was actually surprised that there are very few nude photographs. I thought it was only a joke that people bought Playboy for the articles.) Anyway, the latest edition of Playboy hit the stands (is that what we say?) on Friday. I had Matt go out and buy it for me - I wasn't buying that garbage for myself! - because The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman released a six-page origin story for the fan-favorite character, Michonne. Her debut in the season 2 finale left me wanting more, so I jumped at the chance of reading the short comic.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter (they have a second page)

The six pages were worth the 7 bucks for the whole magazine. You find out who Michonne's zombie friends are and how she got hold of her awesome sword. 


  1. Playboy costs 7 bucks now?! That's what I used to pay for a beautiful little brown boy-girl from Thailand!

    1. Honestly, I have no idea how much it cost because I made Matt buy it. I asked him how much it was, but was already busy reading when he answered. Poor guy gets ignored a lot when there are things to read around.

    2. I hear that. I ignored my sweet little Indian wife, Princess Tinyfeet and she left me for Pvt. Schwa.

  2. Andy just popped his head in to join me in reading this post. He is very disappointed with you for not including the full visual scope of the magazine...


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