Thursday, May 27, 2010

BEA = Full On Exhaustion

And I was only there for one day!

I'm sorry to say it, but after our morning meetings were over we walked the entire floor (upstairs) and the pickings were extremely slim. On the children's front anyway. For the amount of people in attendance this year (due, no doubt, to the lack of any London happenings), it was a little disappointing.

Some exciting things:

- Garry Trudeau, creator of Doonesbury, was there doing a signing right out on the floor (Instead of in the signing corrals at the back of the center, which were disturbing and efficient). My boss saw the sign and said, "I guess he's going to be here today." And Schmegan said, "Cool, when?" And I said, "Guys, look a little to your left." Because we were standing right in front of him. He looks a little like his characters. It was weird to me.

- Saw the cover for Beautiful Darkness, sequel to Beautiful Creatures. It's essentially the same cover, which was never my favorite to begin with, only darker (in color, not in theme). Still, ultra dark cover side, I'm super excited to read the next book.

- Also saw the cover for Tana French's new book, Faithful Place. I am SUPER excited. She is a fantastic writer and I will be getting my hands on that ASAP. Better write my friend at Penguin...

- Our meetings in the morning were all extremely good. One of our packagers listens to every single thing we say and delivers beyond our expectations. It makes life good.

- My dad showed up because I think me looking professional and going to BEA makes him proud? And he works a block away.

Some unexciting things:

- The Javits Center needs to make their floor out of real floor materials. Not terribly thin carpet over concrete that wasn't even poured evenly. My feet and back are KILLING ME.

- Someone had a tiger costume on and the stupid tiger showed up everywhere that I was. As we know from my embarrassing things post, I have a weird fear of people in masks.

- I am tired. Very tired.

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