Thursday, May 13, 2010

Best of the Best Children's Books

Thanks to The Guardian (and David Maybury, of course, for rounding up the entire thing) we have a list of the best children's books by age group.

This summary for Little Women had me laughing out loud:

"There is something for everyone (or, OK, every girl – much as we hate to admit the possibility of gender division in readers, we sometimes must) in Alcott's bestseller. Tomboys have Jo, wannabe celebs have Amy, homebodies have Meg and drips have Beth. And, of course, because we all contain multitudes, we love all of them equally according to mood. Except, of course, for Beth. Die, drip, die."

Mwahahaha! I admit, I always felt this way about movie Beth. Not book Beth. Ugh, the worst is when all the movie girls are talking about what they want for Christmas and Amy wants drawing things, and Meg wants, I don't know ribbons or something, and Jo wants to not have to work for Aunt March anymore. And Beth says:

"I want the war to end so father can come home."

OH SHUT UP! It's Christmas! Stop being so selfless and making your sisters feel like shitheads for wanting actual gifts for the holidays. Drip.

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