Friday, May 21, 2010

PubIt, Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Barnes & Noble announces PubIt! which allows any old hack to upload their digital book content, convert it to ePub format and then sell it on

I don't know. Is this a good idea?


  1. My fiancé is interested in this type of service. He inherited his godfather's memoirs from his days in a concentration camp. His godfather lived through the ordeal and lived and extraordinary life. Unfortunately, he was never able to publish his memoir. I believe this service could be a great way for my fiance to publish this piece of history on behalf of his loved one.

    Though there is the risk that a lot of garbage can be printed, there is the more positive hope that the aspiring and talented author can self-publish without going through the usual gauntlet of rejection letters.

    I look forward to what this service will bring.

  2. I think he should try to publish that through a house. Write out a proposal and offer it somewhere. That's too good for PubIt.

    I'm personally offended by it. It's a ploy, nothing else. A chance for B&N to say it offers more titles than Amazon or any of the other competitors. It's a numbers game only, and it's effing with our brains.


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