Friday, May 7, 2010

My Favorite Avenue

They are moving us from the 10th floor to the 5th floor of my building, to be closer to the rest of the Children's group. It's been sort of sad - I've grown accustomed to my cube. And very accustomed to having Schmegan share a cube wall with me. Even when we were back in the corporate office, we shared a cube wall. We talk through that wall. About who's going to respond to which annoying vendor. About what Drew put in his funbag over at Basically about anything that is sure to make us seem overly obnoxious.

And now she'll have an office. I'm suddenly really sad about this.

Anyway, the three of us finished packing up at around 12:30 and so we left and went out for a team lunch. We went all the way down to the village. There was pizza and vino and general frivolity. Good times.

On the way home, I walked up to Varick and was about to take the C up to Penn Station when I realized that it was only 4pm on a gorgeous Friday afternoon and I hadn't been that far downtown since we moved to the worst section of Park Avenue. I should walk.

I used to take 7th Avenue all the way down to 18th when we were at the corporate office. I seriously loved this walk. Once you get past FIT, the midtown congestion clears up and there are a ton of lovely people out walking their lovely dogs. I miss this walk. I miss it so much. Now, I take 31st across to Broadway and down. I HATE it. There's nothing picturesque about it.

So I hiked up 7th Avenue this afternoon, through Greenwich Village and Chelsea, into Midtown. So lovely! The Village itself is just so gorgeous - all those old, brick buildings. It was such a nice, long, peaceful walk.

Then I passed a guy in clown makeup, shouting into his cell phone: "He just likes you for your money!"

God. I love this city.

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