Friday, January 14, 2011

A Weekly Feature?

I need to bring back a weekly feature, now that things aren't so crazy anymore. I mean - they're still pretty crazy. But, for a while there I was trying to help my father as well as trying to help myself and it was all too much for just one lady! But now dad is all set up and happy. And while I'm still planning on moving in the spring to help my finances - I think I'm in a place where I can blog regularly again.

So what do I bring back?

What I'm Reading Weekly Roundup? In which I give you all the things I've been reading on the internets, in real live books and give you a peek at what's sitting in the pile precariously placed on my tiny night table.

Wishlist Wednesday? In which I tell you what new books I've discovered in my travels that I really want to read and ask for your opinions?

Or something new? Something you can make up for me, maybe? I know y'all are creative.

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