Thursday, July 29, 2010

Charlie's Unavailable Right Now

He's too busy partying with a bunch of hot girls, an albino, and a zombie rabbit.


  1. Charlie-
    Melissa wants to know about the walrus. I myself had never seen such a thing. I thought Wilford Brimley had gotten some funky new dentures, but Melissa assures me this is a real animal. And don't even think about asking me how I know about Wilford Brimley and not walrus. It's a long and painful story.
    -Milo Thimbleberry

  2. Milo Thimbleberry -
    Nicole edits children's books. The walrus is a character from one of the pop-up books she worked on. He was a sad, lonely walrus until, one day, he met a lady walrus with killer eyelashes.

    Nicole is working on putting up a professional looking picture. I prefer the walrus.
    - Charlie


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