Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Write Like...

I write like Stephen King. No matter what I put into the machine. Though, the paragraph that I shared a while back, the one where Anabel is telling the story about how a baby saved the sun and moon and stars compares to James Joyce.

Who do you write like?

*Edit* Click on the "I write like Stephen King." link to be brought to the magical analysis machine that was brought to us by the interwebs.


  1. Writing like Stephen King ain't too shabby!

    I don't know who I write like. I'd have to ask a critique partner. Or read a snippet on my blog and tell me because I can't tell.

  2. Click on the link, Theresa. You plop a piece of your writing into a analysis machine and it tells you who you write like!

    Maybe I should have mentioned that?


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