Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I've Got To Show For It

A review of my 2010 resolutions. Because most people just forget about them.

- Read between 35 and 50 books this year. 35 being the final total of 2009 and 50(something) being the number I burnt myself out on in 07 and 08. (I think I'm on 23 right now. 23 fully read books. That's much slower than I had hoped. But I've been picking it up a little bit lately. I also have three books halfway read. And MOCKINGJAY comes out soon. I'll pull it off.)

- Stop using my credit card and fix my debt (it's already been two months since I last used it. Huzzah!) (I've not used it at all this year. But it's still out of control. APR is through the roof and I can only make minimum payments right now. Blurgh.)

- Read at least two works of non-fiction - filling out my notebook as I go along. (I am in the middle of both Raven and From Eternity to Here. I will finish both before the end of the year.)

- FINISH Les Miserables. I believe I have something like 3 or 400 pages left. (Who made this a resolution?)

- Keep my apartment neat. (HAHAHAHAHAHA)

- Write a review for every book I read this year. (Check, thus far)

- Update my blog with all of my book reviews. (Check, thus far!)

- Write. Anything. (And check! Sort of!)

Wow. I think I'm doing pretty good. If I do say so myself! I really should clean my apartment this weekend. I mean, it's getting OUT OF HAND. It's hard to do it though. When it's just you and you is who doesn't really care.


  1. Cleaning out my closet and doing a general apartment cleanup is on my to-do list every single week. It's so hard to motivate... good luck!

  2. Right? I mean, my apartment is by no means dirty, but I do things like take a bunch of old CDs out because I want to look at them and then leave them in the middle of my floor and then refuse to pick them up for so long that I now know exactly where I need to take a larger step in order to clear them when walking across the apartment in the dark. Sigh.


    Just figured you'd want to plan accordingly. You've probably already put a sizable dent in that number.

  4. That's precisely why I think Barnes & Noble's pubIt is a ridiculous idea. People really think they are going to get exposure? I feel bad for the poor saps that think it's more than a mere numbers game.

    Anyway - according my my Shelfari, I've read 377 books. But that's going off the past 3 years and then only what I can remember from before then.


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